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The construction of energy plants is Tavanmand›s daily bread, and thanks to the know-how gained over the years, it is able to tackle the most diverse and complex logistical and environmental conditions. The construction phase of a project is critical due to its relevant economic impact in the overall project performance. This is why Tavanmand company plans, manages and conducts projects focused on meeting customer›s quality requirements, deadlines and budget, while working safely and preserving the environment.

Regardless of industry, location or complexity, Tavanmand company is ready to build your projects because we use advanced construction methodologies in our projects. From offshore production platforms to facilities that function efficiently in high temperatures, our portfolio reflects the ingenuity of our engineers and the quality of our execution. In fact, year after year, Tavanmand company is recognized for construction excellence.

Our experts bring a wealth of experience to the field construction and execution. Our construction teams provide input into the construction scope, optimizing construction activities and offering cost saving suggestions during all project phases. We are often called to the field to facilitate problem resolution.