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At Tavanmand company we utilize the breadth and depth service capability to bring real added value to clients with assets approaching the late life and decommissioning phases. In fact, as assets and facilities reach the end of their productive lives, our clients trust us to prepare them for shutdown in a manner that is not only cost-effective, but safe and environmentally responsible as well. Our diversified expertise, as well as extensive, experience in design and implementation of decommissioning plans makes us uniquely able to deliver on these fronts, regardless of the complexities involved in any particular project.

We offer an integrated capability supporting the late life landscape – from studies and production enhancement activities, brownfield engineering and operations to planning and well plugging and abandonment. And, through our strategic partnerships, can provide removal and waste disposal services and management thereof. We deliver these services as single, discrete activities or integrated to offer a complete managed solution; allowing clients to focus their time and resources elsewhere in their portfolios.

The strategic drivers during the late life phase are very different to ongoing operations. These require the teams to develop a ‘project’ rather than ‘operations’ mind set and culture. Through early engagement, while an asset is still producing, we begin the process towards an effective decommissioning culture, while at the same time we aim to reduce operating costs, and where possible, extend the asset life to push out the decommissioning liability for as long as possible and maximize planning and preparation.

By its nature, any decommissioning solution needs to be highly-cost effective and asset specific. We have a reputation for creating tailored, asset-specific strategies aligned with these aims and we are amassing significant track record in support of our clients.